Dec 28, 2010


Well, we did it. We survived the holiday season and another year with our doors of this lil' record shop open. Not a bad feat for this economy in this digital age. Thank you, Utah, for showing us that music has more value than M.P.3.

We've got a big year-end sale happening right now. If you're interested click here for the details, there's lots of good music to be had on the cheap.

But really, I'm kind of tired of writing about holidays and sales and trying to get you all to BUY! BUY! BUY!

So take a break and listen to Uhh Yeah Dude, aka UYD, aka the funniest podcast around. We've shared this before - but now is a good time to share again. Cheers to Seth and Jonathan for making our 2010 a bit more enjoyable.

Click here for UYD.

This here video is hilarious - perhaps not so safe for work though...Enjoy!

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