Jan 9, 2011


So I know, I know. We're a little inconsistent with our blogging. Sometimes we do it daily sometimes it seems annual. But, you know, shit happens.

But now I want to share some news with you!

First let's talk Slowtrain Records. It's official, you know. We're a legit record label, whatever that means. We have officially released our first album, we've launched a label website, and we're already working on finding our 2nd release. We'd LOVE it if you came in to purchase our beautiful first release from Alexis Gideon. It is a double LP on translucent pink vinyl and includes at DVD inside - all for just $19.99. You know you want it...

We've recently restocked a bunch of our vinyl and are proud to announce that you'll find cheaper prices on many of your favorite LPs from Sub Pop, Matador, XL, Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans, 4AD and more. So not only will Slowtrain truly have the best indie vinyl selection in the state, but we'll also have the cheapest. Yay for us!

I should also mention that we STILL have our $9.99 CD sale dominating the store. You can get stellar new CDs for less than $10. We're talking albums from amazing artists like Elvis Perkins, Suckers, Sharon Jones, !!!, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, and many many many more. This sale ends on January 31 - so get on it!

I've also recently announced some great in-store events we've got coming in the very near future. Click here to view 'em all and even sample music from shows we're hosting...

And while I don't want to divulge too much info right now - because things aren't set in stone - we are working on some SUPER RAD additions to Slowtrain for 2011. I'm working on gift items, t-shirts, turntables, cameras, poster frames, LP storage, headphones and much more...Keep your eyes peeled in the near future as we start unveiling some of these incredible new lines at Slowtrain.

Thanks again for all of your support in 2010. We're looking forward to making 2011 at Slowtrain the best year yet!

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