Feb 14, 2011


Since it's Valentine's Day we figured we'd share our favorite albums relating to love. What are your favorites? Please share!


George Harrison, All Things Must Pass

I've always reacted to music and the arrangements before lyrics so it is hard to choose my favorite "love" album. Therefore, I will go with one of my favorite albums that happens to have a handful of amazing love songs. The album is All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. Though its not all about love and the bits that are aren't always necessarily about romantic love, the love songs on the album are some of the best ever written in my opinion. Not surprising considering it's coming from a Beatle. So if you're in search of good lovin' jams try "I'd Have You Anytime," "What Is Life," "Let It Down," "I Dig Love," or "If Not For You" (which is actually a Bob Dylan cover).


David Williams, Wyoming

It is no secret that I adore local musician David Williams. I love just about everything he does, but when it comes to my DW staple I always turn to his limited CD release EP (which we happen to have at Slowtrain), Wyoming. This little record hits on so many emotional levels it is hard to imagine that Williams wasn't in love while writing it. Maybe it wasn't a woman who captivated his heart during these sessions, but more likely life itself had him mesmerized. If you haven't treated yourself to this magical piece of local art - please pick it up ASAP. Your heart will thank you.


Beach House, Teen Dream & Devotion

I've never really thought about my favorite albums regarding any specific feeling, but when I think about my favorite albums regarding love, Beach House is the first name to pop in my head. Both their newest release, Teen Dream, and their sophomore release, Devotion, are two albums that ooze sensuality and touch on all feelings that the idea of love and relationships conjure in my mind. Tender and sincere, intense and beautiful- Beach House knows how to write about love in a way that I can relate to and appreciate more so than any other artists that comes to mind.


Ryan said...

"69 Love Songs"

Dainon. said...

Such a good call on that EP, Anna. I have gone hours just repeating that short piece of beauty, over and over and over. It doesn't get old.