Mar 29, 2011


We're suuuper honored today to offer you some incredible bonus gifts with your purchases at Slowtrain. If you pick up the new Mountain Goats CD or LP we'll give you a free cassette tape of demos that have been hand-colored by John Darnielle himself! These are ridiculously limited, so hurry in to get yours. If you can't drop everything to be at the store at 11am, we'll be raffling off 1 of these tapes next Monday. To enter the raffle you MUST purchase the CD or LP from us in this coming week, no exceptions - you must enter when you make your purchase. Ask to enter at the register.

We've also got some beeee-yooo-tiful lithograph prints to give away when you purchase the new Radiohead and the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

AND if you buy the new CD or LP from the Obits, which rules, you get a free band patch to put on your jeans or your jacket or your backpack or something. It's a patch! And it's red! And it's free as a gift from us to you when you buy their rad album!

Still not satisfied? How's about you buy the new Moon Duo CD or LP, which is also incredible, and then you get a bonus remix CD. The free shit is out of control!

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT ALL OF THESE TITLES ARE ON SALE TOO! Woot! Don't get much better than that! You're getting a deal on pricing PLUS free gifts.

These are all first come, first served, so get your booty to Slowtrain stat!

** a commenter wants an address on the main page. not totally sure what page or what address but here's what i've got.

web address:

physical addrss: 221 E Broadway

i'm guessing this is the page he's referring to...


Brian said...

I know it's just a google away, but could you save people a step and post the address on your main page?

Anna said...

Not sure what address you want on our main page...or what our main page is...