Mar 4, 2011


Have you marked your calendar yet? Record Store Day 2011 is on the books for Saturday, April 16, and you will not want to miss Slowtrain's celebration.

We are still finalizing all of our plans, but you can follow our progress on our special RSD web-page here. We *should* have delicious Bohemian beer from the Salt Lake City Film Festival, we'll have crafters from Craft Lake City, food provided by (and supporting) Breathe Utah, and our EXCLUSIVE RELEASES. That's what it's all about, right?

Well, not really, I like to think RSD is more about the celebration. Yeah, the exclusives are cool and we want you to buy lots of them...but we just like existing and RSD is a way to celebrate us and all of you who help keep us around. So thanks for your support.

Who am I kidding, I can't just glide past the releases like that, can I? Haha.

Check out the as-official-as-it-gets lists here on our website.

Slowtrain has set up a RSD Savings Account for can come by the store anytime and deposit money into your own account via cash or credit ($25 min) and we'll hold that money for you to spend at Slowtrain on Record Store Day. PLUS any deposits you make in March will earn you an extra 10% of spending and April deposits will earn you an extra 5%. Click here for more details, or just come on in and ask us about it.

So come on down, start setting funds aside, and get your lists ready for RSD 2011. It's gonna be wild!

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