Apr 12, 2011


Some of you may have already read this from our newsletter...but if not, you should read it now.

It is here. Record Store Day is just, literally, around the corner. We are in fully stress/work-like-crazy-people mode here at Slowtrain HQ as we finalize all of the little details. We're printing t-shirts, confirming bands, organizing the beer, preparing for crafters, pricing RSD exclusives, and trying to keep the shop running day-to-day.

So as we work on all of these items, I want to just take a moment and share my Record Store Day thoughts with you. For some folks and record stores this day is all about the exclusive releases. It is about having everything on the shelf and collecting each piece, especially the most rare ones. And that is fine. The exclusives are certainly bad-ass and we ordered practically EVERYTHING we could for y'all. But I think all a person really has to do is look at what Slowtrain has planned for the day and see that, to us, Record Store Day (and record stores specifically) is about community.

We are using our biggest sales day of the year to help out 3 amazing local non-profit organizations. You can buy beer and support the Salt Lake City Film Festival. You can buy food and support Breathe Utah. And we'll have Local First Utah on site to share the local business love. SLUG Magazine will be with us showcasing some incredible crafters from Craft Lake City. Breathe Utah is providing food from local restaurant Rusted Sun Pizzeria. SLCFF will be slinging brews from the locally owned Bohemian Brewery. Our special edition t-shirts we're printing (designed by Owen Ashworth and Pete Klockau) will benefit Spy Hop Productions.

At Slowtrain, this day isn't about who has the best vinyl selection in town, who has the most RSD exclusives, who has the biggest sale, who has the hippest staff, who has the best location...At Slowtrain, Record Store Day, and every day, is about this great community that we all share. We want to continue to build it up and support it the best way we know how, by throwing a killer party and inviting all of you to join us.

We hope to see you Saturday...


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